Saturday 28 January 2023

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Araz News:On 11 July 2017, Iranian security forces arrested members of an Ahwazi family after violently beating them. The incident occurred in the city of Ahwaz, before the demolition of their house due to an alleged lack of official land titles. It is reported that the family’s land was legally purchased from a company, but Tehran is notoriously settling ethnic Persians in the areas most populated by Ahwazis by illegally seizing their lands.

The arrest of these family members were two days after the ambush of the police forces and the municipal officials of the Ahwaz 6th district, which led to complete destruction of this family’s home. According to the report and obtained photos, police forces have used extreme brutality in dealing with this family, such that Zahra Savari and her son Mohammad Savari’s face and head were injured.

According to human rights activists , Mrs. Zahra Savari and her son, Ali Savari were beaten up by law enforcement and municipality agents.


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