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Analytical Statement and View of ANRO About Iran’s Presidential Election

Dear South Azerbaijani Turkic nations

On May 19th, the Iranian government is set to stage a presidential election.

Careful scrutiny of the list shows that among the 1,600 plus there is one former president and several ministers, there are even a few allies of the Iranian equivalent of The Monster Raving Looney Party. However, there is not even one real opposition candidate.

Iran ‘s election  has become a game and selection  to attract people for years. Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (ANRO) states its view about the 2017 Iran’s Presidential election and municipal elections  .

  • *Boycotting Presidential Election in all South Azerbaijani Turkic regions as a consistent reaction to the continued violation of non-Persian rights.
  • *Boycotting municipal elections in all South Azerbaijani Turkic regions except west Azerbaijan region, which faced with a territorial threat by terrorist groups.
  • *Boycotting of Iran regime’s projects under the name “seeking Turkic identities”,” Nationalism”, by the Iran ministry of Intelligence (Ettela’at) to divert the Azerbaijan national movement.


By not participating in this election, South Azerbaijani Turkic nations will deliver a clear message to the world about their will and unity against a regime that continues to violate Turkic nations human and just right.

Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (ANRO)

Central Council

May 1, 2017

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