Saturday 13 April 2024

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ANRO announced: Distribution of Hundreds of CDs in different cities of south Azerbaijan

Araz News: Hundreds of CDs containing documentaries, various programs and clips of Araz news Internet TV were distributed in various cities of Azerbaijan and broadcasted among the people.

According to Araz News, the National Resistance Cores, distributed hundreds of documentary CDs containing Kazem Khan Gushchu, a symbol of national resistance in western Azerbaijan, Analysis of the national movement, introducing the Araz News Internet TV and newspapers, and organizational clips in various cities of Azerbaijan, including Urmia, Tabriz and Ardabil.

These CDs were propagated by the Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization’s cores (ANRO) in various cities such as Urmia, Tabriz, and Ardabil, and then distributed among the people and youths in different cities of Azerbaijan, which was welcomed by the people, especially by the youth of Azerbaijani Turks

Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (ANRO) as one of the active Organization of   South Azerbaijan by, Widespread publishing and  distributing newsletters and posters and monthly journals and CD’s  wants to inform Azerbaijani people and events in their region.

National resistance cores (ANRO)-Ardabil

CD-Erdebil CD-Erdebil1 CD-Tebriz (1) CD-Tebriz Cd-Tebriz2


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