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Sajjad Yaghoubi Known as South Azerbaijani Bill Gates (photo+video)


Araz News: A South Azerbaijani  scientist at the age of 23, has got the attention of many big and famous universities and Medias around the world.He is from dash maki (maku) which is located in west Azerbaijan province.

This scientist is known as the South Azerbaijani Bill Gates . He is now proud of the country.  He was born in a city that really lacks the opportunities and facilities but nothing could stop him. He has always been interested and loved creating robots and since he was a kid, he was always looking how the robots were working. Even he saved his pocket money to buy some robot tools to get to know about the world of robots,quoted from Beach News.

In one of his birthdays, his father bought a phone so he can communicate easily everywhere he goes. But he sold the phone so he could buy some tools. It was a new life for Sajjad in the world of Robots. He worked hard to reach this place. When he was at school, no one believed he could become successful.

When he was in the secondary school, he could win the national prize in Robotic competition. In 2009, he could win the German robotic competition and in the same year he won the robotic prize in Belgium. But it was just a start for Sajjad, when he finished high school, he had created 40 robots in different fields such as football, human, rescue, farming, military and industrial. He could receive the reward as the best inventor in South Korea Robotic competition.

One of his best innovations, was the device for eyelash training. The muscle of eyelashes like any muscle in the body need to rest after difficult activities and this device would do this. He has several offers from European and American universities.

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