Thursday 1 December 2022

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Traffic accident in Tabriz

A serious traffic accident occurred in Tabriz, South Azerbaijan. According to information received, on October 10, a car accident involving carrying school girls on the highway in Tabriz-Bostanabad. Three children died and 38 injured. As a result of the accident,...


Accident in Tabriz: 7 Dead

South Azerbaijan’s non-standard roads continue to take lives. A spokesman for the East Azerbaijan Emergency Medicine Center said that on September 27th there was a heavy traffic accident on the road Tabriz-Urmia. According to the remarks of Vahid Shadiniya, seven...


Death in traffic accidents in South Azerbaijan doubled due to irresponsibility of the officials

South Azerbaijan’s non-standard roads continue to get worse resulting loss of lives. According to the announced official statement, in the last four months, 160 people were victims of traffic accidents in the Zengan and Erdebil provinces. Zengan Traffic Police Department...