Monday 15 July 2024

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Azerbaijani Cultural events abroad

International Shahriyar Days will be held in Götheborg- Switzerland

INTERNATIONAL SHAHRIYAR DAYS (ULUSLARARASI ŞƏHRİYAR GÜNLƏRİ) Götheborg-SWITZERLAND 2018-03-17,18 PRE-REPORT (1) 2018.03.16: Guest accommodation   2018.03.17: 09.00: Entrance to the hall   10.00: Panel   13.00: Break   14.00: Speeches and presentation of “Shahriyar Prize”   16.00: Closing of the conference...

ANRO commemorated the Eleventh Anniversary of the establishment in South Azerbaijan cities, Ankara and Washington

Araz News:The Eleventh anniversary of “Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization” was commemorated with the Presence of a large number of members of ANRO and many other guests in South Azerbaijan cities, Ankara and Washington on 18th    and 19 th of March...