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ANRO commemorated the Eleventh Anniversary of the establishment in South Azerbaijan cities, Ankara and Washington

Araz News:The Eleventh anniversary of “Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization” was commemorated with the Presence of a large number of members of ANRO and many other guests in South Azerbaijan cities, Ankara and Washington on 18th    and 19 th of March 2016.

Many authorities, members, supporters and guests from other organizations attended at the ceremony of the Eleventh anniversary of the Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization.

In Ankara, the ceremony was started with playing Turkish national anthem and Azerbaijan national symbolic march and then Dr. Karim Asghari the ANRO’s international relationship, Mr.Babak Shahed the chief editor of Araz News agency and Mr. Macit Araz as the head of Khazar Civilization Cultural Social Awakening Association (KCCSAA) gave a speech about the mission , activities , goals and history of the organization during the past eleven years.

At the end of the meeting a South Azerbaijani musician sung South Azerbaijan traditional music and the ceremony ended with the reception of guests. In addition, some of the publications and book of ANRO was distributed among the guests.

In Washington, the ceremony started by performing the national anthem of America and Azerbaijan national symbolic march. Ceremony of the Eleventh anniversary of the Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization was held with the presence of authorities, members, supporters and guests from other organizations. Mr. Jason Poeffer the executive director of the Sephardi Federation of America, Ms. Irina Sukerman the human rights and international diplomatic activist from New York, many officials from the Voice of America was attended at the ceremony also.

Mr. Babek Chalabiyanli the spokesperson of ANRO (Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization) , Habib Azarsina well-known South Azerbaijan activist living in Washington, Rahim Shahbazi (South Azerbaijan activist) from Washington, Davood Turan former secretary of the ANRO, Zaur Bayramli well-known Azerbaijan national  activist, Taymaz Urumlu the  former head of the labor committee of ANRO gave a speech about the history of ANRO and Azerbaijan National movement goals and especially women rule in the Azerbaijan National movements.

At the end of the ceremony a film was broadcast about the struggles of the National Movement of Azerbaijan in recent years.

The Eleventh Anniversary of ANRO also was celebrated in different cities of South Azerbaijan. The Araz News agency doesn’t broadcast the content of the ceremony due to security issues.

Azerbaijan  National Resistance Organization –ANRO- has declared its existence in 2006.

ANRO defines itself as a part and a subset of the general National Movement of Azerbaijan.

ANRO struggles to seek and regain withheld economical, political, social, cultural and human rights and fundamental liberties of the Turkish nation in South Azerbaijan.

ANRO believes in and acts within the democratic and civil struggle methods and values.

ANRO avoids and condemns all kinds of violence, especially governmental and organized armed terrorisms.

We as, Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization – ANRO -, strongly believe that the necessary conditions for Turkish nation in South Azerbaijan to benefit the self-determination right are occurred and fulfilled. In our opinion, struggling to enjoy the self-determination right is a legitimate and necessary right of the Turkish nation in South Azerbaijan. Mr. Babak Chalabiyanli is the Spokesman of ANRO.



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