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Parliament Member Disassosiates Azerbaijani people with the Turks

Mesud Pezeskiyan, a member of the Iranian parliament of Tabriz, started a debate about insulting the Turks.

Pezeskiyian broadcasted a video condemning anti-Turkish statements of President Ruhani’s special assistant to ethnic and religious minorities , made in an interview with Ali Yuni,. Despite condemning the statements he made against Azerbaijan, he refused to sign an apology letter to the president on April 22nd.

The letter was signed by 46 deputies. 31 of them were Azerbaijani and 15 of them were parliament members. Along with Pezeskiyan, there are not more than 41 Azerbaijani parliamentarians in this letter.
73 deputies from South Azerbaijan represent Azerbaijan in the Iranian parliament.

The fact that the deputies remain indifferent to the national interests of Azerbaijan is evidence that they are based on the plans of the regime, and such cases are frequent.

In an interview with the Kanun newspaper on April 21, Ali Yunus rejected the national identity of the Turks.

Interview was published under the title “Racism and the conspiracy must be avoided”. “There must be a difference between the Turks and the Azeri. The Azeris are friends and brothers with Persians. They are more Iranians in those regions. ”

Azeris are the twin brothers of the Kurds. These two are the people of Midian who took these lands before Ahamite. There was a conflict between them, but they were coming from the same family.
Turkish is spoken in Azerbaijan for 300-400 years. In the past, they were all talking like Talishes. “He gave an interview that was irregular and disregarded the Turkish identity of South Azerbaijan.

This issue led to a harsh protest of the Azerbaijani people, and the protesters demanded that the Kanun newspaper must be closed and that Ali Yuni be thrown out of his job.

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