Monday 5 December 2022

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News Headlines:

Six people were executed in Iran

Hundreds of people are executed every year in Iran for various reasons. World public opinion is constantly raising this situation, saying that execution is a crime against humanity. But Iran continues to execute people for various reasons. Six people were...


Death in traffic accidents in South Azerbaijan doubled due to irresponsibility of the officials

South Azerbaijan’s non-standard roads continue to get worse resulting loss of lives. According to the announced official statement, in the last four months, 160 people were victims of traffic accidents in the Zengan and Erdebil provinces. Zengan Traffic Police Department...


Turkish Private Jet Fell Down in Iran

United Arab Emirates, a private jet from Turkey, fell in south of the capital of Iran, Tehran. 2 female pilot, 1 hostess, 8 passengers lost their lives. Jet belongs to Başaran Holding, returning from Bachelors’ farewell party of Hussein Başaran’s...


A labor Activist Of Azerbaijan Shahrokh Zamani Was Buried In Tabriz (video+photo)

Araz News:  The funeral and burial of Shahrokh Zamani, a labor activist of Azerbaijan  who died in Rajai Shahr Prison on 13th September, was held in the cemetery of Vadi Rahmat in Tabriz, and the video below shows a part...


Saudi Arabia confirmed death of 4173 in Mina

Araz News: The Saudi Health Ministry denied on Twitter a report on Iran’s mouthpiece Press TV that the number of deaths jumped to 4,173. The astonishing figure was posted on the old ministry’s website. As of now, the official figures released...