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South Azerbaijani Deputy: The Age of Drug Use has fallen to 13 years.

Muhammad Ismail Saidi, deputy of Iranian parliament from Tabriz, Azershehr (Tufargan) and Üskü, said that he was deeply concerned about the prevalence of drug use and age limit among drug addicts.

According to the website, Tabriz Bidar warned the law enforcement authorities to take precautionary measures, saying that the age limit for drug use has fallen to 13.

Not only the schools’ environment, but also the drug dealers and drug addicts in the province should be collected and sent to treatment centers. For this, the Police Department needs to strengthen the control of the city.

Drug traffickers are a great threat to students. The authorities must come together and coordinate with each other so that they will not appear again in the streets once they are collected. The main part of the abducted drugs in the city is sold by them.
Mohammad Ismayil Saidi also criticized the lack of special centers for the treatment of young people. The age limit for drug use among students fell to 13. Of course, families should be careful about this issue and they are responsible for raising their kids. Unfortunately, no measures are taken in schools to solve this problem. I think it is possible to prevent the problem with preventive measures and new measures are needed in this direction. ”

The chairman of the Parliamentary Culture Committee asked for a review of the process and stressed that the fight against drugs was not yet effective.

In Iran, major problems such as unemployment and poverty, as well as very limited individual and public freedoms, have led to divorces and increased worsening in drug addiction, depression, suicide, illegal cases and society breakdown.

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